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Corporate women in leadership session


Corporate leadership programmes 

Partner with Leaderful to deliver tailored, highly engaging women in leadership development programmes.

Our approach

Working in partnership with you we create customised in-house leadership development programmes, workshops and one-on-one coaching to meet your goals. Each element is designed to enable you to better understand the challenges facing women in leadership, foster and lead change in organisational culture at both an individual and collective level, provide clear development pathways, and empower a greater number of women to step into leadership roles. Because we are better together.

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Our process


Our insight sessions with your key decision makers help us learn about your culture, strategy and talent development process so we can customise a programme that is aligned with your organisational priorities.



We co-design a tailored solution leveraging our suite of modules to meet your core leadership development objectives, delivered in a way that works for you and your people.



We take a multi dimensional approach when it comes to delivery. Your customised programme is rolled out via a combination of online and face-to-face workshops, workbooks and online learning resources, 1:1 coaching, peer learning groups, and mentoring. 

Programme Modules

Choose from our diverse suite of modules to meet the specific needs of your organisation: 


Set an intention for your career and leadership. This module is about understanding who you are as a leader; have a clear destination and definition of success to help you act strategically.  In this module we: 1. Understand the difference between your role as a leader, a manager and a technical expert and the balance of these. 2. Develop your Leadership Purpose and explore how to make use of this in guiding your focus and decision-making.


As a leader it is important to focus your time and energy on the right things. Performing well is one piece of the pie.  Knowing what drives you, what you stand for, and how you drive that, is a more important focus, as you develop your leadership.   In this module we: 1. Define ‘your’ definition of career success and explore key career success strategies. 2. Create and define a clear and compelling brand statement with a focus on building your reputation to support your leadership purpose.


You role as a leader is to develop your skills, talents and abilities to help your organisation achieve its strategic and financial goals. In this module we: 1. Discuss the distinction between professional expertise, management and leadership. We do this by exploring some of the capabilities needed to move into leadership roles. 2. Explore where the organisation is going, what its strategy is, what financial targets it has in place and understanding your role in this.


We approach confidence through the lens of self- awareness and understanding and believe you grow your confidence through building your competence.  In this module we: 1. Explore the neuroscience behind confidence and our responses to different situations.  2. Understand our triggers that may create lack of confidence and develop strategies to help grow our competence.


It's important to understand who within your broader environment can support you with your career and leadership goals. Taking a strategic approach to developing network will help you create a stronger support system and more impactful connections.  In this module we: 1. Map your map internal, external and professional networks.  2. Look at ways to activate your profile on Linkedin


We believe coaching skills are a key leadership capability. We'll help you master the skills of coaching so you can un-tap the potential of your people. In this module we: 1. Define coaching and mentoring, and understand their context and their differences.   2. Develop the key components of coaching; Questioning, Listening and Mindset.

If you're looking for something we haven't quite covered, or for additional modules,  please Get in Touch

Why partner with Leaderful? 


We meet you where you're at

Whether your organisation is developing an understanding of the need for diversity, equality and inclusion of women leaders, has a growing recognition of the importance of gender diversity on business performance, or are further down the path of transforming your organisational culture, we meet you where you’re at and support you to mature along a scale of success.



No organisation is the same, and that’s why we don’t apply a cookie cutter approach to our corporate partnerships. We co-design the programme with you, leveraging our suite of modules, so that it is tailored to meet your organisation's objectives.



Our collective knowledge and expertise, insights and research enables us to develop and deliver programmes that we know work. We have worked with a diverse range of women and their organisational leaders - individually, in cohorts and organisationally - to transform organisational culture and equip women with the tools to proactively manage their career and to be effective leaders.


Multi-dimensional learning approach

Our programmes and initiatives incorporate a range of learning and coaching styles, from 1-to-1 coaching and online learning resources, to in-person and online workshops and peer learning groups, to provide a total support programme.

Join those brave enough to lead the way. Talk to us about what partnering with Leaderful could look like for your organisation.

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