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Advance your career with confidence

Equipping women to create their own definition of career success and a plan to achieve it.

What is Career Camp? 

Career Camp is a comprehensive three-month programme that supports women to think broadly and strategically about their career and empower them to develop a career success strategy and plan. The programme includes live and online workshops, 1-to-1 coaching, and small groups to bring the learning to life and help them apply it to their specific context and career.

We’re always amazed at the renewed purpose women leave Career Camp with. For many that comes from being better equipped to succeed on their own terms, a stronger intention and sense of direction, and an expanded professional network of inspiring women.   

Woman in Career Camp session
What you get

3 month programme

A live workshop every 2 weeks


1:1 coaching sessions

Accelerate your journey


Online workshops

Discussions and break out rooms


Small groups

Everyone has a chance to contribute


Peer learning group

From a wide range of sectors


Multiple resources

Workbooks and online learning 

Online workshops are recorded if you miss a session.

Camp modules

Over six fortnightly sessions, we'll  work through a different module including discussions that looks at how to consider, clarify and apply the tools covered.


How did you get to your current role and what have you learned?

Take a strategic approach to career development and your path to leadership by mapping and analysing your career path to date.


What does career success look like for you? 

Set an intention for your career and leadership. A clear destination and definition of success will help you act strategically.


Look up and out: scan the external environment for risks and opportunities.

Consider the wider environment and how you will create and respond to opportunities to progress your career in leadership.


Don’t walk alone, leverage the power of professional networks for leadership.

Explore why networks matter, then craft and curate your's to become one of your greatest career assets.


What you are known for? Your personal brand is key for your career development.

Consider your leadership brand. What is it made up of? How can you strengthen and amplify your brand


Where to from here? Create and action your career plan.

Ensure you wrap up the program with a clear plan and actions to build on the insights and momentum gained.

Who Career Camp is for

Growth mindset

Are you intentional about progressing your career and leadership and want to be empowered to achieve your goals?


Mid career

Are you looking for support with your career development and a sense of direction for your next steps?


Develop leadership skills

Do you know where you want your career to go but need to develop or refine your leadership capabilities to help you get there?

Impact Data

said Career Camp had helped progress their career


had a new role, promotion, or pay rise following Career Camp


would recommend Career Camp

Leaderful Career Camp survey data

Available Camps

Women's Infrastructure Network Camp

started 13 March 2024

Open Career Camp


starts 30 July 2024

Custom Camps

Want a custom Camp that suits the needs of the women in your organisation or industry? We can work with you to develop a Camp just for you.

Can't make the next Career Camp?

Let us know and we'll let you know when the next one is coming

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