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Lead with Confidence

Rich, challenging, insightful conversations that give you the confidence to lead from who you are.

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Who it's for

Focused development

Are you wanting to address specific development needs that you have identified or that have been raised with you?


Seeking clarity

Do you want clarity about your leadership approach to enable you to be effective and impactful?

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Stepping up

Is this your first senior leadership role and you want to identify areas of focus and establish your own measures of success?

How it works

Our comprehensive six-month coaching programme delivered by experienced coaches working with executive level leaders includes:

  • An initial chemistry check in and planning session to confirm areas of focus and measures of success.

  • Option of a coachee triangle - a three-way conversation with you and your Senior Manager or Board Chair to discuss areas for development at the start of the programme. We can also do this at the conclusion of the programme. 

  • Up to six confidential coaching sessions via Zoom or face-to-face.

  • Email and phone access between sessions as needed to address specific issues.

  • Post-session fieldwork and reading/resources as appropriate and professional network introductions.

  • An invitation to be part of our Senior Leaders Network.   

Our coaching programmes can be customised to suit your needs, particularly if there is a specific issue you wish to address. Get in touch to find out more. 

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