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A coaching programme specifically designed to support women before, during and after parental leave to be work-ready and reconnected to the workplace.

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Who's it for

Returning to work

Are you on parental leave or recently returned as a first-time mother and want reflection time, guidance and support to re-emerge with a new self-identity?


Masters of change

Are you a mum of school aged children facing the ever changing role of motherhood, while at the same time navigating your work and home lives and developing your career?

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Supportive organisations

Are you an organisation that wants to support your valued employees to come back to work feeling ready and motivated to achieve results?

How it works

The aim of the programme is to create a meaningful and individualised approach so working mothers can gain focused support to leverage their full capability to benefit the mother, her family, her manager and the organisation she works for. The programme covers:

  • defining and managing expectations and priorities

  • developing a tool box for maintaining level thinking and effective leadership in high pressure situations

  • finding the right rhythm for effective work/life management

  • re-establishing your presence and how to make a positive impact

  • goal setting for multiple dimensions of personal wellbeing as well as professional life.

We would love to support you or someone in your organisation with the transition back into the workforce following parental leave.

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