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Leaders as learners

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Whaiwhia te kete mātauranga. Fill the basket of knowledge.

As the season turns and we soon head into the winter months, we’ve been encouraging the leaders we work with to think about themselves as learners. A natural response to the unprecedented challenges that leaders have faced in the last two years has been to focus on the immediate priorities and put the ‘extras’ on hold.

In the context of the ongoing disruption that is likely to define the leadership landscape for the foreseeable future, we believe it is time for leaders to re-focus on their own development and make time for learning.

As leaders, questions to consider are:

  • What have you learned about good leadership from the recent disruption?

  • Where are there gaps in your knowledge and skills?

  • How do you create opportunities to be a learner rather than the expert?

  • What learning have you put on hold?

  • What are the benefits for you to create more learning?

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